Tenisová škola Rapid

Tenisová hala Hostýnská

Tenisový klub Hostýnská

Transport and insurance

Transport to the camp, health insurance and any other type of insurance is excluded. You have to ensure yourself. We can provide transport in special cases.

Compulsory equipment

  • Tennis equipment (a convenient racket regarded to skills and age of the player, tennis trainers/shoes) - if you are interested in renting a Babolat tennis racket, please, annonce it in advance!!!
  • tennis clothing (minim. 7x T-shirt, 3x tennis shorts, 7x tennis socks, 1x jogging suite, a baseball cap)
  • other clothes (spare tennis trainers, 7x underwear, clothing for free time, slippers/shoes for indoor - dormitory,bathcostume, minim. 2x towel)
  • personal hygienic properties.
  • Health Insurance Card

Kempy / Camps 2020

12.7. – 17.7.2020
26.7. – 31.7.2020
2.8. – 7.8.2020
16.8. – 21.8.2020
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