Tenisová hala Hostýnská

Tenisový klub Hostýnská

Trade condition

Price of the tennis camp includes

  1. Accommodation
  2. Boarding - full board - three times a day + beverages all the day
  3. Everyday tennis lessons determined for all efficiency and age cathegories of players, led by qualified coaches
  4. Intensive condition training with additional sport games, all adequately to the age and abilities of children and adults
    In case of bad weather there is a hall for purpouse, where tennis and condition training can be combined together
  5. Courts and tennis balls rental
  6. All-day children attention and many other summer activities for example: team games, disco, closing tournament with "tennis olympics"
  7. Medicial supervision
  8. Possibility of lending of the Babolat rackets and purchase of any wares from the Babolat company with 10% discount

Information about tennis camps for children and adults

Attendance conditions:

application sent, deposit paid, the additional charge must be paid at the latest at the arrival


The customer has the right to cancel the contract about the participation on the tennis camp, but the cancellation must be handed in writing via e-mail tennis@itcprague.com or by mail on the address:

DEng. Stanislav Pařízek, Mikulova 1572/13, 149 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic.

The cancellation of the contract takes effect after the receipt of the notification about the cancellation, by mail is operative for the assessment of the amount the date on the post stamp. The handling and the cancelling fee must be paid immediately.

If the customer cancels the contract, he is obligated to pay these cancelling fees:

  1. at the latest 45 days before the first service 50 EUR
  2. day 44 to day 14 before the first service amount of 20% from the cost of the service, at least 50 EUR
  3. day 13 to day 4 before the first service amount of 50% from the cost of the service
  4. day 3 until the journey (including the loss of the departure/takeoff) - 90% of the cost of the service


The customer is obligated to claim the services to the organisator on the spot, i. c. during the tennis camp. After finishing the tennis camp the customer has the right to claim the services until 30 days since the service has been provided,
at DEng. Stanislav Pařízek, Mikulova 1572/13, 149 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic with the reclamation protocol, composed in the place of the camp.

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